BeerBotz Device Field Testing Opportunity


If you operate a microbrewery and would like to try a BeerBotz monitoring device for free... keep reading!

The data gathered using the BeerBotz device provides valuable information about each batch (as demonstrated with the examples on the web site). It gives you the ability to document the performance of an individual batch in a much more precise way then ever before.

You can use this batch data to compare all of the previous batches for quality assurance purposes. Since the batch data provides unambiguous performance values, these values can be compared across all of the previous batches (see Batch Score videos).

We would like to be able to use the “Batch Score” technique as a predictive tool. One of the most interesting applications is to evaluate the quality of the yeast pitch used for the last batch. In the Batch Score sheet, performance trendlines are automatically generated as the average value from all of the previous batches. The quality of the yeast pitch used for the new/last batch can be evaluated from its relationship to this trendline.

The notes kept for each batch might involve the following:

  • At batch start: Yeast type, how long it was previously stored, how many previous batches was this yeast used for, pitch volume
  • During ferment: BeerBotz Batch spread sheet (this would include pre-pitch wort volume and starting S.G. reading)
  • After batch: Evaluation (good batch?) and comparison/evaluation in the Batch Score sheet.
  • Also, any additional QA measurements that were generated during this fermentation (S.G., yeast count/viability, etc.)

In short, we would like to find partners to evaluate the Batch Score QA technique. You will receive a free BeerBotz device and one free gas meter, and in return we would like to receive your batch data for the period of one year. After that, the device and gas meter will be yours to keep. Please contact us via info@beerbotz.com if you are interested.