The following videos are displayed roughly in the order in which they should be viewed. After viewing these, you will be an expert on fermentation monitoring and the BeerBotz system!

If the video does not play back smoothly, please download the entire file to play it.

Introduction to BeerBotz BeerBotz - The Movie - Part 1
System Overview Introduction to Specific Gravity

BeerBotz - The Movie - Part 2 Software Startup - Inputs
Sensor Data --> To Excel™ --> To Graphs Getting Data From Sensors

Software Start-up - Calc columns Software Start-up - SG Calc v2
Change Line Scaling With Calc Colums Output Specific Gravity Calc to Graph

BeerBotz in Action Relay Operation
Mashing, Fermenting, & Pulling a Sample Control Chest Freezer Temperature

Email Operation Android Widget
Access Graphs Remotely Automate Phone Chart Requests

Windows Update Reboots Gas meter connections
Restarting After Windows Reboots Make Gas Meter Cables

Thermocouple Assembly Thermocouple Calibration
Make Thermocouple Cables Optimize Temperature Probe Readings

Small Bubbler Assembly Yeast Contaminated With Bacteria
Make A Bluewave™ Plastic Bubbler Because It's Cool!

Batch Score Introduction Batch Score Instructions
Intro to the Batch Score Graph Adding New Batches to the Graph