Ordering Instructions


Ancillary Materials Needed For BeerBotz System Operation:

  • Windows™ PC (Windows 10) with Microsoft Office™ installed (Office 2013™ or Office 2016™). The "Pro" version of Office is preferred so you have the option to save to an Access™ database.

  • Temperature Probe Equipment: Temperature probe cables are run from BeerBotz interface to the location at which they are needed. As such, the cables are a custom length and the ends/connectors need to be installed after the cable is installed. This process is outlined in the Thermocouple Assembly video. The temperature probe equipment (Type-J thermocouples, wire and connectors) can be ordered directly from Omega Engineering (Omega Engineering - Thermocouples). Example Omega part numbers are listed in the Thermocouple Assembly video.

  • Ethernet cables and connectors for gas meters: These cables and connectors are also installed on-site as outlined in the Gas meter connections video. The cable for the air meters is standard Cat 5e/RJ45 with the gigabit ethernet straight-through pinnout (8 conductor), and are readily available.

BeerBotz Interface and Gas Meters

Field Testing Option

You can get a BeerBotz device & gas meter for free if you will agree to share your batch data with us for a year. This will be used to further refine the "Batch Score" technique as a quality assurance methodology. If this interests you, check out: BeerBotz Field Testing for more information.

Leasing Option

Do you want to try this thing out to see if it works? Of course you do! You can lease a BeerBotz device and one gas meter for $250/month. Contact info@beerbotz.com to set up a leasing order.

We will do a free installation for locations in the Chicago area only. What do you have to lose? (well, 250 dollars).

Purchase Price List

Part Contents Price ($US)
BeerBotz Interface BeerBotz Device, power supply, software, USB cable, Power cable for Relays $2,799.00
Honeywell™ AWM-type gas meter Meter and cable (see table below to determine the meter part number for your application) $999.00

Air Meter Table

When you place your order, you need to specificy a Honeywell™ air meter part number. The gas meter you choose has to accomodate the maximum volume of gas that your system can produce. The table below is a short summary of the the maximum fermenter/wort volume supported by each of the different meters (1 barrel = 31.5 gallons). (This assumes a starting wort gravity of 1.055 and temperature of 65℉.) Please refer the Hardware Overview for a more detailed description of the process of choosing the correct gas meter for your application. On that page, there is also an interactive gas meter selection tool here. Any questions... call us!

The air meter you specify is mounted to a custom BeerBotz "Air Meter Box". This box serves the purpose of interfacing the AWM meter to the BeeerBotz interface.

Honeywell™ Part # Max. Batch size (@65℉)
AWM3300V 0.825 Barrels (25.99 gallons)
AWM5101VN 2.657 Barrels (83.7 gallons)
AWM5104VN 10.565 Barrels (332.8 gallons)
AWM720P1 85.4 Barrels (2,690 gallons)
AWM730B5 128.1 Barrels (4,045 gallons)

Warranty Info.

There is a one-year replace-or-return warranty from time of purchase on both the BeerBotz interface and the gas meter devices. The warranty does not extend to the case where a user damages the gas meter by letting foam run through it. You are responsible for preventing liquid from getting into the gas meters!

Order And Shipping

BeerBotz payment is made through PayPal. Please send a request for a quote to info@beerbotz.com along with your PayPal-associated email address. You will receive a PayPal invoice to this address. Once payment is made, your system will ship and you will receive the tracking number.

Ships to USA only. An additonal $100 shipping and handling charge will be applied to each BeerBotz Interface order.


Installation is available in the Chicago area only! Please contact info@beerbotz.com for more information.