Precise Measurment Makes Life Easier!


Long ago, our ancestors noticed that there was equal daylight and night on two days of the year (the equinoxes). They found a way to keep track of the hours that passed during each day, and in turn, they were able to keep track of each days' relationship to the seasons and the full year.

This enabled them to know generally what weather to expect for each day. It also allowed them to see the greater context of the seasonal variations and make plans ahead of time for themselves. By allowing people to deal with less surprises, precise measurement made life easier!

The BeerBotz system serves a similar role. By keeping precise measurements of the temperatures and the fermentation stages (via gas released), a brewer can remotely view the progress of each fermentation. This facilitates efficient day to day operations.

By examining the graphs produced from mash and fermentation of the previous batches, the brewer has a chance to see the greater context of batch to batch variations. This can be used to work on and achieve performance goals for the equiment and product. The documentation can help with product consistency and quality. Some things that become clear from this type of data are fermenter cooling performance and yeast performance (including lag time and attenuation).

Precise measurement leads to better beer!