Monitor mash Temperatures


The BeerBotz system is composed of a device that can read temperature and gas flow (generated from active fermentation) from a fermentor and a Windows™ application. The device is connected (via USB) to an application that both saves these values and provides the user with remote access to them. The following is a brief description of the advantages of documenting your fermentation data:

The BeerBotz system has 5 thermocouple inputs (for temperature probes) and 3 air meter inputs. The readings from these are sent to a Windows™ PC and placed into an Excel™ spread sheet. Sheet 2 in this Excel workbook is a chart/graph that is based off of the incoming data. The BeerBotz device is assigned its own email address, which it checks every minute. When the BeerBotz device receives a chart request from a user, it responds by sending the most current chart.

Monitor Yeast Performance


The quality of your product depends on keeping the yeast culture healthy. Breweries maximize profitability by re-pitching the yeast culture as many times as possible. Monitoring and documenting the perfomance of the yeast is helpful to improving the brewery operations.

Document and compare batches over time

Each set of batch data is saved as its own Excel workbook. The performance graphs can be printed and compared to other batches. This can enable insights into the brewery system that might have otherwise been missed. The BeerBotz monitoring system maximizes your ability to continually learn about your operations.